~Ableton Live 12 Mentorship Program~

Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in the Ableton Live 12 Mentorship Program. This comprehensive program has been designed to give you a complete understanding of all aspects required to be an independent music producer working in a home or professional studio environment with the help of digital audio workstation (DAW). This course has been designed to ensure you have a firm understanding of the following topics across 25 sessions of 1 hour each.

Hozaifa Sayed

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of Sound: Physics of Sound, Sound Wave Propagation, Discerning Pitch and Characteristics of Complex Waveforms, History of Recorded Music, Modern Production Workflow: Understanding Your Role As A Producer.

  • Physics and Human hearing: Perception of Sound, Phase, Psychoacoustics, Human Hearing Range, Understanding the Working of the Human Ear (Hearing vs Listening), It’s Non-Linearities and Listening Response.

  • Decibels and metering: Measuring Sound Acoustically and Digitally. Practical Audio Metering in the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). DBFS and dBSPL and their Practical Application in Recording, Producing and Mixing Music.

  • Studio Equipment: Mics, Cables, Consoles, Monitors, Headphones, Audio Interfaces and MIDI controllers.

  • Digital Technology: A/D conversion, Sampling Rate, Bit Depth and Buffer Size.

  • Ableton Live 12 in depth: Covers the entire software, all instruments and possible production workflow both: In The Studio & On Stage.
  • Digital Signal Processing: Audio Effects: EQ’ing, Compression, Gating, Expansion, Limiting, Reverbs, Delays and more.

  • MIDI, Sampling, Synthesis: Understanding MIDI Protocol, MIDI Piano roll, MIDI Effects, Re-sampling Audio, Sampling & Synthesis Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques. Types of Synthesis and Sound design (Advanced Synthesis).

  • Music Theory Basics: Writing in Scale, Forming Chord Progressions (producing elements that make up music) Rhythm, Bass, Harmony, Melodies. Demonstration of tools to help assist with Writing Chord Progressions, Bass-lines and Melodies- Motives.

  • Mixing: Optimising the Sound Stage, Stereo Width, Balance and Bass Management.

  • Push 3 Stand-Alone (Optional) :For hands on control of Live in the Studio and On Stage.

  • Arturia’s V Collection: Third party Virtual Instruments & Audio Effects.

  • Production Tips: Feedback on assignments, and more!

The in-depth Ableton Live 12 curriculum I deliver has been reviewed and approved to teach as an Ableton Certified Trainer. Rest assured, you will be getting the best of audio and production knowledge there is!

To add, this course and our interaction is not over with learning in these instructor led sessions, but continues as your own production work begins. I will constantly guide you, assess your work and help you improve even post the course by listening to your projects and giving you feedback on practically improving your skills as an independent producer.