~ About ~

Waves Kraft Mastering has been providing a highly trained and objective ear to your mixes. We utilise years of practical training, know-how and acquired skills (workflow) suited to best enhance and optimise your music creatively / technically and have it sound its best across all playback devices and streaming platforms. We also work to have your music be enjoyably received by the widest audience possible. 

Service Highlights:

  • In depth mix reviews, pre-mastering

  • 2 free revisions, post mastering, either with running slightly updated mixes through the same chain, or making tweaks at my end

  • Over 650+ dynamic, balanced and distribution ready masters delivered

  • 10+ years of audio engineering and mentorship expertise

  • Ability to assess professional and home studio mixes for production, recording and mixing aesthetics in providing the best objective outcomes

Common FAQ’s

Mastering is the last step in the production process and the first step towards the release and distribution phase. It provides an objective ear on your mix to enhance and optimise it for playback across all listening devices and streaming platforms.

It is generally recommended to send in your session at the same sample rate and bit depth as setup in your current working project. However, 24bit – 48/96kHz works great.

It is usually within 3-7 days of us receiving the track. It really depends on the volume of work on hand at any given point and could even be done on the same day at times. Please check with us when sending your track through. Each project is given its due time and attention to detail and each mastering session is usually completed in 1.5 – 2 hours of beginning work on it.

The final mix should peak at -6dBFS. However, if you are working in Live which uses a peak and average digital meter, your peaks can be at 0dB and occasionally redlining as well. There is a +6dB marker which in fact leaves us a lot of room still for mastering.

Besides and obvious level enhancement, you can surely expect to hear a better and more controlled bass response, balance, stereo width, tone and depth enhancement in lines of the style of music / mix. The master you receive will be ready to upload on any streaming platform as loudness normalization standards are also kept in mind while setting final levels, so that the track sounds great, on and off line.